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An Important First Review

It's late January 2017. Publication for I'm a Big Brother Now, my first picture book, is set for May 2017. But before files are sent to the printer, I wanted to get some honest feedback. I decided to ask my favorite seven-year-old, London, for a critique. A promise of an exclusive look at a book in progress was enough to get her to agree. Here's a bit of our conversation following her first read:

Me: What's did you think?

London: I liked it. It's a good book.

Me: Why did you like it?

London: Umm, not a lot of words. Not a lot of HARD words.

Me: Was there anything you didn't like about it?

London: No. There was nothing I didn't like.

Me: So there's nothing we can improve?

London: No. (long pause) Uhh, it needs more color in the background

Me: So you would tell all your friends to buy this book?

London: Yes!

Me: Did you learn anything new?

London: Siblings are a lot of work!

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