Celebrating Kwanzaa

I don’t remember being told, “we’re going to start celebrating Kwanzaa.” We just did. I think I was 12.

Kinara in place. New terms trying to roll off the tongue.

“Habari Gani.” “Umoja.” “Kujichagulia.” That was my favorite one to practice.

Karamu at the Wesleys’. Forming a big circle and calling out the names of our ancestors.

And a few years later, leading Kwanzaa celebrations at church because as I often had to explain, yes, you can be Christian and celebrate Kwanzaa too.

Whether you officially celebrate Kwanzaa or not, I hope we all take inspiration from the Nguzo Saba or seven principles that are its foundation. (Learn about them here)

HARAMBEE!! (Let’s pull together)

Celebrating Ujamaa with my mom, friend Maisha and her mom, Mama J during one of our many mother-daughter get togethers

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