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Celebrating Langston's Legacy

The perfect end to Black History Month 2018 - in Harlem at the I, Too Arts Collective gala to raise funds to help continue Langston Hughes' legacy and preserve his Harlem home.

The gala was held in the home Langston Hughes owned, wrote in, lived in for more than 20 years. Yes, I took a bathroom selfie. (It was Langston's bathroom!!) My mom and I visited the upstairs library and took another selfie, this time holding the tribute we did to the legendary poet/activist - a book also named Langston's Legacy. That typewriter on the mantle piece - it's one that Langston Hughes actually used!

There's so much important history here and it was an honor to be in that space.

Learn more about I, Too Arts Collective’s work and how you can support at -

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